About us

We are a local small shop based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our love for travel led us to convert our own mini-van two years ago. During our adventures, we faced the challenges of extreme weather conditions and the lack of suitable blackout insulated covers in the market. Determined to find a solution, we took matters into our own hands and designed and crafted our own covers. Through continuous refinement, we perfected the functionality and ease of use for our own travels. As fellow van enthusiasts showed interest in our covers, we established SOKOZI to meet the growing demand and provide high-quality products for a comfortable and enjoyable van life experience.

At SOKOZI, our journey is fueled by continuous learning, growth, and innovation. We are dedicated to delivering excellent service and premium quality products that are proudly MADE IN CANADA. Our mission is to enable more people to enjoy their journeys with complete privacy, enhanced comfort, and a cozy atmosphere. We are also passionate about giving back to the community. Join us as we strive to make a positive impact and provide you with exceptional experiences on your travels.