Tips to help you stay cool in summer

Are you ready to make your camper/van experience cool and comfortable, even in scorching temperatures? Here are some sizzling strategies to keep you chill throughout your journey:

Seek Shade and Embrace Nature's Coolness: Park in shaded areas or near water bodies to enjoy natural cooling effects and stay refreshed.

Roof Vent Covers: Install these lifesavers to enhance airflow and let hot air escape, allowing a cool breeze to flow through your camper/van.

Portable Air Coolers and Fans: Embrace portable cooling devices to create an oasis of cool air in your camper/van, making it a refreshing haven on hot days.

Insulated Covers/Shades: Block out the sun's rays with insulated covers or shades that use radiant heat reflective materials. Stay cool and enjoy privacy.

Clean A/C Filters Regularly: Keep your air conditioning unit efficient by cleaning the filters regularly. This ensures maximum airflow and cooling capacity.

LED Lighting: Swap out heat-generating incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient LED lighting. Enjoy a well-lit camper/van without raising the temperature.

Outdoor Cooking: Prevent unnecessary heat buildup by preparing meals outside the camper/van. Embrace outdoor cooking for a cooler indoor environment.

Sealed Windows and Doors: Keep windows and doors closed during the hottest parts of the day and use reflective covers to block unwanted warmth.

Block Radiant Heat with Insulation: Slow down the transfer of heat from the vehicle's exterior surfaces by using insulation. This helps maintain a cooler temperature inside your camper/van.

Stay Hydrated and Chill: Beat the heat from within by staying hydrated. Keep plenty of water and hydrating beverages on hand for a cool and refreshing journey.

With these cool tips at your disposal, your summer camper/van adventure will be filled with amazing memories and cool vibes. Embrace the sun, beat the heat, and enjoy every moment of the ride!


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